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I’m currently broken

I will fix this (promiss)


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Wiping away the blog dust, a quick update

Hello! It’s 3AM and I felt I really need to hit the ground running with this blog so without wanting to remove previous posts this is me officially starting and saying hello to anyone reading. Let’s Go!

First a quick catchup. I’ve been up to a few things over the summer. Most notable helping cover Manchester International Festival for BBC North West TV / Radio was a really exciting time in July (the weather helped too! I’ve never known filming day to day in pure sun).. ND2!

4 weeks was a brilliant time to feed my way into role and gain favorable experience. Included was BBC Academy Training which I will be forever thankful for because outside of what I learnt in TV and Radio was massively improving my general communication skills and personal confidence. I was even recording my own voice.

I will link to a few things I got up to soon. On the side I’ve also been involved with technical rolls for various Media Training with outside public facing companies and Summer Schools (Using the University’s News Studio) which have kept me busy.

Here are a few things I’m currently involved with that I hope to keep updated via this blog in the next year and how they develop.

– Internal Quays News Support Website
– Tech Editor at Quays News
– Lower Third GUI Graphics System for Quays TV News
– Web/Design/Support for http://culturesband.co.uk, http://wingmanmedia.co.uk, http://martinjw.co.uk, http://salfordck.co.uk, http://faithillustration.com http://topcog.co.uk
– Final University Year (Animated Graphics, TV Studio Engineering, Dissertation, Mastering)
– Rugby League World Cup 2013
– Various outsourced work
– Moving Out! :)

I have been trying to write a new post here for a while (since.. march) but was never truly happy with what I came up with. I never updated about the 12 Hour News Marathon we pulled off at Quays TV News, Nor that I have scored a 1:1 in my second year of University. Woop! :D

Hopefully this will help me keep my blog focussed and easier to write and update as I go along. If you read this far then thank you!


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Feed-Feed Back….Penguin Remix Feed-Back

Opting for a supercut I dropped it everywhere I could. Tweets even went out during the programme on its two weekly showings. I planned for attempting to push it every time the progamme was on BBC One 9PM Monday/4PM Sunday. After two weeks (Four Programmes) about 40views came in during each Broadcast. In case anyone floated to my blog I left it as my last post to see if that would generate any interest.

David Tennant’s 40 mentions of Penguins Remix.

BBC One – Spy In The Huddle. ‘Penguins – Spy in The Huddle’ remain courtesy of © John Downer Productions MMXIII 2013


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Rotating Roulette Wheel Graphic for Quays TV News

This is a preview of work in progress for a news story about the rise in gambling online. This was completed in Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop/After Effects. I say work in progress because unfortunately I never had the chance to give it the full attention it needed due to the time it was required.

I hope to complete this properly when I have a spare moment. (and remake the horrible looking blue marble ball). Also the animation of the Wheel itself could be made more realistic, but I am so happy with what I achieved for my first animated graphic. The amount of layers that went into this cannot be seen from the output above. Hopefully I can learn more advanced use of a 3D application to better the animation next time I’m asked to create an animated graphic.

The roulette wheel rotates as a ball is dropped into the roulette wheel. This graphic went along side a report for Quays TV News you can watch at quaysnews.net youtu.be/I3sW1g4G6aw



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Apps of 2012

Usually blogs start with some witty reason why the’re writing a blog… Im just jumping straight in.

2012 continued to be an app world and touching now has pace on moucing? If that’s a word. Anyway here’s a list of apps I used in TwentyTwelve from an Android experience. (Sorry IOS Folks)

Pushover LogoPushover – The benefits of this, married with IFTTT lets you to push the web (nearly ANYTHING) to your phone about mostly everything. There were a lot of situations I found where I wanted to be notified quickly but can’t justify having the official app installed or where one wasn’t available. An example would be Facebook (pre-native Code) The website was quicker than its official app offering at the time so all i was really missing was notifications. Creating a Gmail filter to forward a copy of FB emails to my pushover address meant I had created a way of getting instant push notifications, a feature the FB app didn’t have at the time. I took similar steps with twitter for Boid below.



Boid for twitter (OSP) – Yes its just twitter but by far its the best.  I’ve given other recent options a go including Falcon but I can’t drop Boid. If your in fear of loosing out on push notifications then give my tip above a shot.


Unified Remote LogoUnifiedRemote – Although I have been scoring this app in my android draw for a while and has always been handy for quick moments of laziness when they pop up. It came into its own when I had to develop a way of controlling a display in the TV Studio of QuaysTvNews. Due to limited equipment it couldn’t be routed through the Gallery so armed with UnifiedRemote, tablet, laptop and bluetooth using the file manager remote, selecting a file would open of course instantly. Brilliant and with dropbox installed on the laptop files of any format can be quickly dropped on from anywhere, and displayed. Brilliant!

Flipboard LogoFlipBoard – Yes the flip book page animation does make you go Ooo but that’s not the reason I’ve included Flipboard here. Although it aggregates the ‘internet’ okay I only thought it got incredible once I plugged in my own social accounts. I don’t know quite how it does it but in my view it picks out the most interesting posts, posts I would read, cleaning up my social feed into about 10 posts for the day. Its Google reader dipped into your brain and then glued into a flip book.


Snap Seed


SnapSeed – I didn’t get much use out of SnapSeed until I hit the slopes at LesArcs in France. On my way home I had time to explore SnapSeeds features. I hope to explore SnapSeed more soon.


And finally a few apps that had there daily use that are worth noting. TuneIn Radio Pro,  Dropbox, Google Drive, NationalRail, BusChecker.


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